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Chear is an independent organisation for assessment and management of hearing in babies, children and adults.

“Josephine is a highly professional audiologist with many years experience in working with children, families and adult clients. Chear represents an extremely valuable resource where clients will find high levels of expertise, professionalism and a friendly and supportive approach”
John Bamford, Honorary Professor of Audiology, University of Manchester
“Many thanks for a successful appointment in trying to obtain some hearing level thresholds for Louie. You did it! You were both so fantastic, so patient and so informative. Thank you. You are so skilled at what you do.”

James and Rebecca, parents of Louie, 5 months

"Dear Josephine, every year we reflect on how amazing Elliot's quality of life is - much of that owed to your care and dedication. Thank you!"


We provide a full evaluation of hearing ability and listening skills, to provide advice and to support communication needs. For children, this means assessing their potential and helping them to optimise their hearing skills for nursery, school and the life ahead of them. For adults, we offer a range of technology and support to improve hearing in a variety of situations, such as family groups or listening to music.

Chear leads the field in paediatric audiology in the UK. Its founder, Dr Josephine Marriage, has a wide range of experience in clinical practice, research and teaching, which she uses to provide the very best care for people of all ages with concerns about their hearing.

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