We are pleased to see adults who would like a hearing assessment. For those who are found to have a hearing loss, we will discuss any options that may help, including hearing aids and other communication technology that can improve different listening environments, such as family groups, work meetings and using the telephone.

There are about 10 million people in the UK who have a hearing loss, including 1.4 million who don’t have hearing aids but would benefit from using them. If you have a hearing loss, you may experience communication problems that can affect your quality of life. You may find, for example, that you contribute less to conversations or that you feel uncomfortable about asking people to repeat themselves.

Hearing Aids

Anyone can request an appointment at Chear for a hearing assessment if he or she, or someone they know, thinks they could benefit from hearing aids. If there is a hearing loss, we are able to fit a range of hearing aids and programme them to improve ease of communication for the wearer.

The price of this appointment is deducted from the cost of a hearing aid if the client chooses to purchase one. See Appointments and Fees

All hearing aids are given out for a trial period of four weeks before any decision is made about buying them. After a purchase, we continue to fine-tune the hearing aids for a year from the initial fitting because a successful hearing aid fitting is specific to the individual, and can take time to perfect.

Hearing aid review

This is for people who feel they are not getting the most out of their hearing aids. We can reassess the hearing and make adjustments to the hearing aids when required.

Hearing assessment

These are usually referrals from Ear Nose and Throat specialists. We send reports to you and the person who referred you, describing the tests carried out and the results obtained. Chear is not currently able to offer balance testing.

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Josephine is a highly professional audiologist with many years experience in working with children, families and adult clients. Chear represents an extremely valuable resource where clients will find high levels of expertise, professionalism and a friendly and supportive approach
John Bamford, Honorary Professor of Audiology, University of Manchester
Many thanks for a successful appointment in trying to obtain some hearing level thresholds for Louie. You did it! You were both so fantastic, so patient and so informative. Thank you. You are so skilled at what you do.
James and Rebecca, parents of Louie, 5 months