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03 July 2018

Knowledge and Implementation in Paediatric Audiology (KIPA)

KIPA was developed and is financially supported by Oticon, and chaired by Dr. Sheila Moodie from Western University (KIPA North America) and by Dave Gordey, from Oticon A/S (KIPA Europe).

KIPA was created to bring together paediatric audiology researchers, clinicians and members of industry to discuss, define and understand gaps in paediatric audiology practice.

Our aim is to investigate solutions to these gaps, and how we might implement best practice when working with children. Our specified areas of interest are those that are most relevant to today’s audiologists in schools, hospitals and clinics.

Projects include: Factors influencing the implementation of best practice in paediatric hearing aid fittings, including the use of RECD and REM; bimodal fittings in children, and developing an evidence-based fitting guideline

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