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Josephine has exciting news!

29 January 2021


We have a five-year old family dog called Tiggy. She is a Huntaway cross with a Welsh collie. On 6th January she had eight gorgeous puppies. I know the Chear website should be about hearing related issues but perhaps we can have something as a distraction in these restricted times of Covid 19. I therefore thought we could post occasional updates about Tiggy and her puppies for those looking for a bit of variety.

These are the six boys and two girls. We put coloured collars so we could tell them apart. At first they were mostly asleep or feeding but within a week they were nuzzling and playing together. Tiggy keeps them very clean with frequent grooming and tidying their space. They have to be weighed every week and are putting on about 100 grams a week, poor Tiggy!

At three weeks they are beginning to explore their space and two are very noisy. Big red is the noisiest, biggest (at 800g in week one) and bossiest. He manages to sound like he is saying “NO!” when he barks. But some of the smaller ones prefer to snuggle up together in group hugs. Baby blue has managed to jettison her collar to be anonymous.

More to follow….


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