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Speech-discrimination testing is an essential part of hearing-aid evaluation for confirming which speech sounds are heard and recognised through modern signal processing hearing aids.

Traditionally in the UK there have been few speech tests available, and these may be too easy or too difficult, depending on a child’s word-recognition ability. New speech tests with more refined speech acoustics and vocabulary are needed to meet a wider range of performance in speech recognition.

The Consonant Confusion Task (CCT) and the Revised Auditory Performance Task (RAPT) are two monosyllable, closed-set speech tests. The CCT is more appropriate for younger children (from about 3 years of age) whereas the RAPT can be used from about 5 years.

Currently these tests are supplied as books of the stimulus pictures with a response sheet. The test material comes on a CD with a calibration tone and six different orderings of the test words. Testing is also possible using speech-shaped noise that has been recorded onto a second channel for speech-in-noise testing.

If you would like to order the CCT or the RAPT tests, please email or download the order form below.

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The Auditory Skills Checklist, developed by the Cincinnati Children's Hospital in collaboration with the Center for Hearing and Deafness Research and the University of Cincinnati, is a useful evaluation tool for young children. It is designed for use by an audiologist or therapist using observational input from the family, and can be used to assess the listening skills we might expect a child to have by the time they start school. 


Josephine Marriage runs courses on different aspects of audiological management, at the London centre, in NHS hospitals or in clinics around the UK. These can be arranged around specific learning needs and services and in collaboration with other agencies.


Chear has ongoing involvement with research projects. Details of these will be reported through our blog.

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