Hearing Aids

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Audio3 Ltd and Chear are owned and operated by hearing research scientists and clinicians who study hearing loss. We are improving the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in children. Our primary concern is hearing health. The Warbler is unique among audiometers; it is an easy to use, beautifully made and features Ling sounds and narrow-band music stimuli in addition to warble tones and FRESH noise. It is also highly accurate.

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Chear Speech Test App

The Chear Speech Test Apps give information on which speech sounds can be discriminated by a child when wearing their hearing technology.The apps are designed to be used from an i-Pad and presented through a 2-channel audiometer. The stimuli can be presented from a standalone speaker for sound field testing using the calibration noise at outset.

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Chear earmoulds£58 pair£32 single
Chear carved earmoulds£68 pair£36 single
Chear sleep plugs£58 pair
Chear swimming plugs£58 pair£32 single
Chear Snuggle plugs£58 pair
Chear Passive Shooter Filters£36 each + Ear moulds

We are able to send the accessories below via post to you, please give us a call or email to order – 

No wax/cerustop systems£6 pack
Replacement domes£6 pack of 10
Double bend stay-dry tubing for earmoulds£5 pack of 10
Libby-horn tubes£3.50 each
Drying capsules£5 pack of 6
Replacement receiver-in-canal speaker unit£45
Wind and weather protectors£10 pack of 10
Batteries£20 box of 60
Hearing aid elbows£5